Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art, based on concepts of energy, movement and health. Translating to 'finger pressure'; it is a type of alternative medicine that utilizes finger and palm pressure, stretches and other massage techniques. Thought to help restore the physical functions of the nervous and circulatory system, bone structure and muscles.

Shiatsu can be performed clothed, on a floor mat, on a table, or sitting up. You can also perform shiatsu on a table. With the use of props to support the body in maintaining relaxation and maximum comfort, the body can be offered more space through movement and stretches. Connecting with the breath allows the opportunity to increase the connection between the body and the mind. Often you will find influences of shiatsu weaved throughout your 'signature massage' treatment, focusing on different pressure points or using stretches/movements to release tension and to help increase the flow of energy. 

Here's a basic shiatsu treatment, just to shine a little more light onto what shiatsu can look like.