Why CBD Tea?


Have you given it a shot? We are so very much on board with supporting the use of CBD in your teas. You're already doing things right by drinking organic herbs steeped in water. Add CBD and now you're further assisting those herbs by relaxing muscles, relieving pain, assists in relieving any inflammation in the joints~ Which is unbelievably amazing in healing your body from the inside out. This all goes hand in hand with manual therapies - it's all healing, my friend. This is all self care. Not only do these teas have 100% organic herbs, they're carefully blended so that each bag also contains 7mg of 100% organic Hemp-CBD. Seriously-- this company actually hand measures every single tea bag. Now that is love and dedication for their product. They are definitely an inspiration... They're leading the way in putting love into your products. 

The CBD works in conjunction with herbs to assist in supporting the body by rebalancing and maintaining it's natural equilibrium. You're body is being supported so it can reach its highest potential of vitality. For those of you who aren't 100% familiar with CBD, it's totally non-psychoactive. In other words, it won't get you stoned- so you can enjoy this magical drink any time of the day. 

Head on over to fleurstea.com to read up more about what CBD Tea is about. Use discount code if you're down to give it a try yourself!