About Nicole

Nicole has been growing her knowledge around holistic health for several years. After taking an interest in yoga and bodywork, she dove into study about the human body. After months of the intensive program offered at Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, she graduated as a Certified Bodywork Practitioner. She has also achieved certifications in Deep Flow, and teacher trainings for both Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Pain and Injury Prevention. Nicole's approach with therapy is considered holistic, as she attempts to look at the body as a whole, rather than only specific medical complaints.

Living in beautiful British Columbia in the small coastal town of Tofino, she takes full advantage of the beautiful outdoors. Taking any opportunity she can to get the camper van out into the wild, the board out for a surf, or to gathering any information she can get her hands on about natural medicines and holistic living. Her love and connection to yoga shines through in her treatments, and much of her style stems from her yoga practice.

In treatments you'll often notice a combination of modalities, allowing the ability to 'pick and choose' which techniques will best serve each individual and the needs of their body. Though, there is opportunity to stick to one modality and practice it throughout an entire treatment if you choose. That is an awesome way to get to know what a style is about, or perhaps suits your body and needs best at that time... it' all dependant on the needs of each individual.

The wonderful thing about massage is that it not only works on a physical/physiological level but also creates a calm, safe space for thoughts and emotions to surface and process, benefitting the whole being. Her bodywork style has been evolving and continues to evolve, though it remains that massage is particularly powerful in helping to restore the connection between body and mind. It works by increasing awareness of the parts of the body which are causing you pain. You then begin to realize, in everyday life, the things you are doing which causes that pain or makes it worse, for example your posture whilst sitting at a desk. You can then begin to make small changes that will help relieve the stress on the body which might be causing the pain. 

Nicole currently practices:

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue



Joint Release




CBD Massage

Deep Flow

Restorative Yoga