Manual and Movement Therapy

Prior to your session, please consider the following to familiarize yourself with the consultation process. This is to help determine the type of support you are seeking at this time.

An analysis of the body to observe structural positioning and tension patterns. This time will be used to discuss overall goals of the session, as well as preferences and physical conditions.

The bodywork needed for an individual may include massage, myo-fascial release, breathwork, meditation and restorative postures. 

An educational discussion will finish up each session. This will be to further understand the session, and how to carry its effects into one's lifestyle. 

A session can adapt to a client based on the desired level of involvement. Prior to booking a session, please choose from the options of active or passive receiving. 

Active Receiver

A client who:

-Is looking for short term muscular relief, or long term muscular/postural relief with strong awareness on alignment.

-Wants to remain aware of the effects the treatment is having on the body throughout session

-Appreciates medium to deep pressure, with moments of restoration and integration.

Passive Receiver

A client who:

-Is looking for a soothing environment and nurturing massage

-Would like to zone out, perhaps falling asleep during massage

-Appreciates light to medium pressure



Aromatherapy is optional.